K9 NoseWork

6 Weeks / $130

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Dogs smell scent like we see color.  As a dog is born knowing how to use its nose, K9 Nose Work™  Classes will not teach the dog “how” to follow scent so much as we will be communicating to the dog on what specific thing we want the dog to focus those superior scenting abilities.  To do that, we will tap into your dog’s natural desire to hunt and we will positively reinforce this hunting behavior with a reward system that your particular dog loves, such as a highly-valued toy, special food and sincere praise.  K9 Nose Work™ Classes are exhilarating for both dog and handler and they can help develop confidence even in the most timid of dogs. 

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6 Weeks / $130

Class scheduled as needed

Have you recently adopted a new dog? Or just have a dog that needs a refresher class.  Then this one might be for you.  In this class we will focus on the bond between you and your pet....and will include the following:

  • Attention

  • Sit, Down and Stand

  • Stay

  • Come or Recall

  • Impulse Control

  • Loose Leash Manners

  • Greeting A Stranger

If this class is for you,  Call now to schedule your place in our next class!

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Rally Class

6 Weeks / $130

Thursdays 12:00 Noon & 6:00pm

Our Rally Novice Class is geared towards getting you prepared for one of AKC titling event. You will learn the rules of Rally along with 31 exercises/stations that are possible at the Novice level that are executed on-leash. Each week you will practice a course in preparation for an AKC Novice Rally event. Dogs should be 6 months of age or older and have completed a basic obedience class.

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Conformation Classes

6 Weeks / $120 or $20 Drop-In

Thursdays @ 7:00pm (if paid for session)

Thursdays @ 8:00pm (drop-in students)

Do you exhibit your dog at “dog shows” to be evaluated against an established breed standard? These classes could be for you. Beginners learn about ring procedures and veterans fine-tune their stacking, gaiting, and motivating skills.


CGC / Trick Testing




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Canine Conditioning

6 Weeks / $130

Canine Conditioning is very important for all dogs. From puppy to senior, from couch potato to the canine athlete, there are fun exercises to help improve your dogs overall health. Exercises improve body awareness, balance, flexibility, mobility, and muscular strength. Whether you have a canine athlete that competes in agility, flyball, disc dog, barn hunt, herding or even conformation a fitness plan can improve performance and help prevent injury. Besides the incredible physical benefits, doing these exercises will provide mental stimulation, strengthen the bond with your dog!!  

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Open Gym

6 Weeks / $65

After completion of our Canine Conditioning class you will be eligible to join our "OPEN GYM ".  This class will be sets of exercise stations that are set up for your use.  Then feel free to focus on just the needs of you and your dog.  Dr Kim will always be there to help guide you and answer any questions.

Must have approval of instructor!

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Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Prices Vary Based On Needs

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We also offer private lessons for your convenience!

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